Freight transportation from europe and CIS countRIES

MAAS Logistic is a privately owned company providing freight transport, warehousing, and handling services. It is a company with many years of experience transporting freight from almost any European and other CIS country.

Transport solutions for your company

Smooth transport of goods, storage in the most convenient and best way, carried out with quality and on time – this is what MAAS Logistic can offer you. We strive to provide impeccable quality of service to everyone who contacts us.

Transfer of partial and full cargoes

We provide door-to-door transportation of partial (LTL) and full (FTL) cargoes.

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Warehousing services

The warehouse of UAB MAAS Logistic is located in Alytus. We offer cargo handling and warehousing services.

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Customs brokerage services

We provide all the necessary customs brokerage services for the freight transport process.

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Work for carriers

We offer permanent jobs for wheel carriers in the following destinations: Lithuania - Great Britain - Lithuania; Lithuania - Ireland - Lithuania.

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