Transfer of partial and full cargoes

We provide door-to-door transportation of partial (LTL) and full (FTL) cargoes in the following directions:

  • Ireland, England, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, and Finland;
  • We offer a new freight transportation destination: Ireland, England – Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

Private removals from the UK and Ireland:

We offer private removals from the UK and Ireland to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. We handle all necessary customs formalities. We also provide manual handling services for your belongings.

Useful information:

All our transported shipments are insured in accordance with the CMR Convention. The CMR Convention can be found by clicking on this link.

1 956 orders finished
in 2023
2 309 855 kilometers driven
in 2023